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5 Tips for Staying on Track over the Weekend

5 tips for staying on track over the weekend blog

The sad reality is this:  The beginning of the weekend often signifies the end of healthy eating and exercise habits.

Let’s talk percentages for a minute.  Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) make up almost 29% of the week.  But many people say that their weekend officially begins on Friday at 5:00 pm.  This would mean the weekend is actually closer to 33% of the week.

That’s right.  Almost 1/3 of our lives can be classified as “the weekend.”

These same “weekends” are when many people tell me that they take a much-needed break from their healthy lifestyle routine.  And many these same people wonder why they are not making significant progress towards their health and fitness goals.

Weekends are not an excuse to skip regularly scheduled workouts, and to eat and drink whatever our hearts desire.  Weekends were not designed to sabotage a week’s worth of progress.

Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track over the weekend:

  1. Stick to your exercise routine:  If you commit to working out six days a week, choose either Saturday or Sunday for your weekend workout, get up early, and get it done!  You can also add in some extra cardio or a short ab or upper body workout to burn some extra calories.
  2. Eat before weekend outings/gatherings:  I always tell my clients never to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  The same rule applies for weekend parties, barbecues and any other event centered around food.  Be sure to eat a healthy meal or snack (think protein and veggies) before you head out the door.  Remember, food should not be the focus!
  3. Portable, family-friendly snacks:  Have you ever planned to run a quick errand, and been gone for several hours?  Those longer than anticipated events often lead to hunger and an unexpected trip to the fast food drive-thru.  Pack an insulated bag full of healthy snacks for any family outing.  Keep it simple with fresh fruit, portioned nuts, raw veggies and water.
  4. Eat healthy at home:  Takeout may be convenient, but eating at home is the healthiest option available.  There are many simple recipes for home cooked meals including lean meat and veggies on the grill, and limited ingredient crockpot recipes.
  5. Stay Hydrated:  Water helps you to feel full faster and longer.  Your body can’t always tell the difference between hunger and thirst, so water helps to curb your appetite.  Staying hydrated also helps us to avoid eating more food than we actually need.

Recognizing that our weekend habits make a difference, and incorporating these 5 tips into your routine will help you to stay on track over the weekend.  If you need to make a plan, you can set up a free consultation with me to help you get started.