Is God calling you into a deeper relationship with Him?  But have you been finding that life is getting in the way?

That was ME.  I knew that God needed to be first and that in order to grow, I needed to be fed spiritually…but there was a problem.

I was not making Him my first priority.

About four weeks ago, my life changed (as did my husbands).  It was as though God said, “Trust me wholeheartedly in EVERY area of your life”…and we said “YES, LORD!”…and that was JUST the beginning.

God is showing me how to incorporate my walk with Him into every area of my life, and I want to help YOU to do the same!

Prayerfully consider the following before you apply:

Are you:

*Ready to serve God whole-heartedly in every area of your life

*Willing to honor this 28-day commitment

  • Ready to commit to some type of set certain eating/exercise plan during the journey

*Willing to encourage and build into others while they do the same for you

*Willing to schedule time for a group call once a week


Package options range from $79-160 (packages begin with coaching only plans and increase to full service including coaching, workouts/meal plan and container system, nutrition shakes, etc.).

We will set up a one-on-one call if you commit and are invited to participate in this challenge to determine the best package to meet YOUR needs.

Start date:  Monday, March 5th (with a group Zoom call scheduled the weekend of March 3-4 for us to meet together, pray and share with one another).

End date:  March 31, 2018

If you are invited to join this challenge, I will reach out to you personally to set up an individual 30-minute pre-challenge call to learn more about you, and to pray so I can best lead you through this journey.

God wants a revival in our hearts and in our lives.  I have never experienced God as fully as I have these last few weeks.  I want to take five (5) women on a special journey with me.  I would be honored if you would like to be considered!

God bless!





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