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What is the Coaching Opportunity?

The coaching opportunity is the opportunity for you to encourage and help others achieve their goals, while improving the physical and financial health of your family.

Are there any special requirements?   NO.

There is no formal education or experience required.  There are no physical requirements.  You can be at the very beginning of your weight loss journey, or at your goal weight.  The bottom line is this:  It’s your heart for helping others that truly matters!

What hours do I have to work?  THAT’S UP TO YOU!

The best thing about coaching is that you are your own boss.  You can work anywhere you choose, at any time you choose.  That being said, similar to any business opportunity, you get out what you put in.  I will share the basic skills needed to help you get started on your coaching journey, and help to get you started strong, based on your individual goals for your business.

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What are the coach sign up costs?  They range from FREE to $39.95!

    • The least expensive and easiest way to sign up as a coach is with the purchase of a challenge package.
    • A challenge package includes the following: the Beachbody program of your choice, a 30-day supply of Shakeology on Home Direct (monthly autoship program), and an optional 30-day free trial membership to Beachbody on Demand.  Challenge pack prices range from $140-205 (depending on the program you choose) but coach sign up is FREE with your purchase.
    • You can still sign up as a coach without purchasing a challenge package at a cost of $39.95.  I recommend starting your coaching journey by becoming a product of the product, and taking advantage of the challenge pack special with FREE coach sign-up to get started.  The choice is yours!

Are there any monthly business fees?

  1. There is a $15.95 monthly fee, which provides four (4!) maintenance free, professional websites (one is your coach online office), and valuable resources, documents and training to help you succeed.
  2. For our service men and women, there is a military waiver.  An  active duty member or their spouse can sign up to be a coach, save 25% on all products AND pay no start-up fee or monthly fee.*
  3. *This waiver only works for 1 person per household and it can either be for the active duty military person OR the spouse.)
  4. This waiver is now extended to VETERANS!*
    • *while the military waiver can be used by the active duty member or their spouse, the veteran waiver can only be used by the veteran and not the spouse.
      For more information on military waivers, please click here.

Is there any inventory needed or long-term commitment?

No and no!  No need to stock items, worry about inventory or do parties at home.  Beachbody handles customer service, shipping and returns!
And there is no commitment!  You are free to cancel at any time.

Can I sign up as a coach just to enjoy the discount?

Yes!  Even if you choose no to actively pursue the coaching others at this time, you can immediately begin enjoying the coaching discount, which is 25% off Beachbody programs, products and apparel (including Shakeology!)!  If you drink Shakeology daily, like I do, you will save over $360 a year with this discount!

How do I earn money as a coach?

You will earn between $40-$105 on every challenge pack sold, and a 25% commission on all other retail sales.  You will also receive commission on any Beachbody on Demand subscriptions.  In addition to earning commission on product sales, business builders can also earn team cycle bonuses, which grow as your downline team of coaches continues to grow.

Compensation plan highlights

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